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   Shanghai San Ying Packaging Material Co., Ltd.

 Shanghai San Ying Packaging Material Co., Ltd. is a leading global supplier of laminate packaging materials. The company was founded in March 1992 as a joint venture between Sun A Enterprises (Virgin Islands), Mitsubishi Corporation, and Toppan Printing. San Ying has invested capital of US$86MM, and its main plant in Shanghai is located on over 7.2 hectares of land.

    Shanghai San Ying is committed to maintaining its leadership position in the production and sale of laminate packaging. Our products offer applications covering a wide range of industries including food and beverages, household and consumer products, chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. With over three decades of experience in laminate packaging production and close cooperation with leading global players such as DuPont, Dow, Mitsubishi Corporation, Sun A Kaken, and Toppan Printing, we have superior R&D and product development capabilities that have resulted in the successful development of leading-edge standup pouches, high temperature retort pouches, vacuum pouches, microwave packaging, and easy-open peelable lids.

    Using advanced multi-substrate technology, our product development team has come up with environmentally-friendly packaging solutions that meet international standards, with products that include aluminum+plastic as well as plastic laminate tubes. Unlike many of our competitors, Shanghai San Ying simply will not compromize on quality, and we produce over 1.3 billion laminated tubes annually by utilizing the most technologically advanced AISA and KMK tubing machines from Switzerland.

    In pharmaceuticals packaging, Shanghai San Ying has established 100,000-level workshops for printing, cutting, and pouch-making that exceed national standards for pharmaceuticals packaging.

    Super-clean benches and moisture and oxygen penetration instruments are used to control the entire production process.

    To compliment our head office and manufacturing facilities in Shanghai, we have established a nationwide manufacturing and marketing network through seven branch production facilities in Guangzhou, Liuzhou, Wuzhou, Changsha, Nanchang, Chongqing, and Dandong. We also have four sales and marketing offices in Beijing, Chongqing, Wuhan, and Guangzhou. This comprehensive network allows us to provide quality service to our customers not only from our central hub in Shanghai, but wherever our clients might be located. In providing value-added products and services to help our customers increase their efficiency while lowering costs, Shanghai San Ying endeavors to exceed customer expectations while adhering to our philosophy of "contributing to society while generating profits for everyone through hard work."

    Our unparalleled quality and service has won us numerous awards and accolades and earned us a number of renowned customers including: Unilever, Nestle, Uni-President, Nissin, Taishang, Shanghai Huayuan, Labixiaoxin, and Shanghai Lifeng in the food industry; Liuzhou LMZ, Chongqing Luclean, Tianjin Lantian Liubizhi, Wuzhou Aoliqi, Jiangsu Longliqi, Nanchang Caoshanhu, Changsha Lichen, Guangzhou Mingren in the consumer and household products industry; and Shanghai Johnson & Johnson, United Laboratories, Wuhan Ma Yinglong, Mebo International, Chitai Qingchunbao, Sanjiu Medical and Pharmaceuticals, Shanghai Hualian, Minsheng Pharmaceuticals, Aodong Pharmaceuticals, Cheezheng Tibetan Medicine, Huiren Pharmaceuticals, Four Rings Pharmaceuticals, Xiuzheng Pharmaceuticals, and YZJ Pharmaceuticals in the pharmaceuticals industry.

    Shanghai San Ying will continue to strive to provide appealing and practical products and services for our customers at economic prices. Please contact us to explore opportunities to begin a mutually beneficial business relationship

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contact us:

NO 47, Jing 3rd Rd., C.E.P.Z Wuci Township, Taichung County 43541, Taiwan, R.O.C

Temple City, California USA



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