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    Seyed Ali Mortazavi PhD.


Professor in Food Microbiology

Dr. Ali Mortazavi has been an academic member since 1973. He is graduated at Ph.D. Degree in food microbiology from Hoehenheim University (Germany-1976).his training and research fields are Carcinogenic effect of fungi (Aflatoxins and patulin) , Interaction between Lactic Acid bacteria and carcinogenic fungi, Distribution of toxinogenic fungi on Iranian cereal products and  Biological formation of methane (biogas). He had presented more than 100 papers in the scientific Journals and national/international conferences In addition He has advise about of fifty M.Sc and five Ph.D. thesis in field of food fermentation and food toxicology. 

   Anders Leufven PhD.


Associate Professor in food science/packaging

Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden.

After basic studies in chemistry, biology and microbiology(Linköping University,Linköping, Sweden 1978), a doctorate in Chemical Ecology(Göteborg University, Göteborg, Sweden 1988 ),and a period as visiting scientist at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C. Canada, Anders Leufvén was employed by SIK, Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology in 1989 to intensify the institutes research on food and packaging interactions


   Ebrahim Noroozi M.Sc.


Health and Safety  on Packaging Machinery

M.Sc. Food Science (Honours 1975 – 1978)McGill University, Montreal, Canada

B.Sc. (Eng.) Nutritional Sciences and Food Chemistry (1st Honours, 1968 – 1972)Faculty of Science and Food Industries of Iran, Tehran, Iran

 E. Noroozi is staff of Mcgill university (Canada) and his professional experiences are as  the following.
Supervise and instruct teaching assistant on some Food Science  courses   --
Manage, plan, design, evaluate and   participate in improving   “Health & Safety” issues  --
Chair, Regional Screening Centre, Province of Quebec ,1995 – present   --
Regional Coordinator, Province of Quebec ,1995 – present   --
Association for Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP), Ontario, Canada 

   Fakhry Shahidi PhD.

 Professor in Food Microbiology 

   Farideh Tabatabaei PhD.

  Assistant Professor in Food Microbiology 

   Hadad Khodaparast PhD.

 Associate Professor in Oil technology 

   Hamid B. Ghoddusi PhD.


Associate professor in Dairy Microbiology

Dr. Hamid B. Ghoddusi has been academic member since 1990. He is graduated at Ph.D. Degree in Dairy microbiology from Reading University (England-1996). He had presented many paper in the scientific Journals and Conferences (National/international). His skills are Microbiology Techniques,  Shelf life Studies, Food processing operatory/ supervision (fruit and vegetable processing, meat   processing, milk and cheese processing ) . Spectroscopy and Texture Studies . 

   M. Mohsenzadeh PhD.

 Associate Professor in Hygiene of food technology 

   Magid Azizi PhD.


Associate Professor in Post-Harvest Physiology

Ph.D. ( Horticultural Science ) Tarbiat Modaress University Tehran, Iran 2000
M.Sc. (Horticultural Science) Tarbiat Modaress University Tehran, Iran 1992
B.Sc. (Horticultural Science) Gundi Shapoor University, Ahwaz,Iran 1988
Dr. Majid Azizi is graduated at Ph.D. degree in Horticultural Science from Tarbiat Modaress University (Tehran, Iran-2000 ).He has been academic member since 2000. His research and teaching  focused on Physiology and Post-Harvest Physiology of Horticultural crops. The ultimate goals of his research interests are reduction of post-Harvest loss of Horticultural crops  especially by use of plants natural compound(essential oils and extracts of medicinal plants).He had presented 25 paper in the scientific Journals and Conferences (National/international). His other research interests also include : Medicinal plants cultivation and processing. 

   Magid Maskouki PhD.


Assistant Professor in Food science and technology

Khorasan Science and Technology Park. Food Technology Department P.O. Box: 91735-139, Mashhad, Iran Home Phone: +98511-7620744 Phone: +(98511) 6088200-7 

   Medi Kashni nejad PhD.

 Associate Professor in Food Science and Tecnology 

   Medi Nasiry Mahalati PhD.

 Associate Professor in statistics science 

   Mohammad B. Habibi Najafi PhD.


Professor in Food Biotechnology

Dr. Mohammad B. Habibi Najafi, a graduate of McGilll University, Canada, is an Associate Professor and is affiliated with the Department of Food Science & Technology, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad since 1986. During his outstanding experience in teaching and research, he has developed a national reputation as a food and industrial microbiologist. He developed his expertise in the field of enzyme/fermentation technology and has also worked in the food industry. His research thrust is broad, involving the production of microbial enzymes for different purposes particularly accelerating cheese ripening; cold active lactases for treating milk and cheese whey; single cell protein and other bio-ingredients. Study on process optimization of value added products, functional foods as well as active packaging with or without applying biotechnological means are among his research interests. Dr. Habibi is responsible for teaching General Microbiology, Food Microbiology, and Fermentation Technology for undergraduate and Food Toxicology, Food Enzymology for graduate levels. Besides of his career, Dr. Habibi has been involved in many scientific societies including as Editor-in-chief of Iranian Food Science & Technology Research Journal, and as a Chairman of Executive Committee of Khorasan Biotechnology Society. 

   Mohammad Jafar Momken Dipl.-Eng.


Software Designer  & Automation of Packaging Systems

Gersthoferstrasse 115 / 3
1180  Vienna, Austria
Tel: 9242910
Fax: 9242910
Mobile: 0650 3983981
Eng. M. J. Momken  was born in Mashhad. He studied  Communications and Radio Frequency Engineering in Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information at Vienna University of Technology. He has been employed in the Product Engineering Department of  Ericsson Austria GmbH and Frequentes GmbH as Software Designer with the following tasks.
- Object oriented analyses and SW-Design based on embedded processor platforms for PABX-systems.
-  Experience in Voice over IP protocols (H.323) and protocol sack handling
- Analysis, specification, Design and the implementation of software for switching systems for the air traffic control


   Mostafa Iranmanesh Msc.


UNIVERSITY "Pistasio VS Aflatoxin in Packaging". M.Sc.Thesis.


   Nasser Sedaghat PhD.


Assistant Professor  in  Food Packaging

Founder & Manager of ICFP

Ph.D. ( Food Science and technology ) Ferdowsi University Mashad, Iran  2004
M.S. ( Food Science and technology ) Tarbiat Modaress University Tehran, Iran  1991
B.Sc. ( Food Science and technology ) Ferdowsi University Mashad, Iran  1985
Dr. Sedaghat is a food packaging specialist . His research and teaching are focused on food packaging from 1991 at now, currently he is academic member , heading packaging lab and manager of Iranian Clinic of Food Packaging (ICFP ) in the department of food science and technology at the university of Ferdowsi ( Mashad, IRAN ). The ultimate goals of his research interests are food packaging systems ( Aseptic, Vacuum, MAP, Gas flashing , etc. ) migration study between food and packaging materials, determination shelf life of foods and predictive mathematical models of product, pistachio processing and packaging, develop new packaging material and improve their performance for reducing environmental impact of packaging waste and enhancing of consumer safety 

   Reza Farhoosh PhD.


Associate Professor in Food Chemistry and Analysis

Dr. R. Farhoosh has been an academic member since 1995 with several years of training, research and managing activities. He is a graduate in Food Chemistry and Analysis (B.Sc. from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, 1992; M.Sc. from Tarbiat Modarres University, Iran, 1995; Ph.D. from Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran, 2003). His training and research fields are Food chemistry and analysis, Lipid stability and antioxidants, Edible fats and oils technology, Food hydrocolloids. 

   S.M.A. Razavi PhD.


Associate Professor in Food Engineering

Dr. Seyed M.A. Razavi has been an academic member since 1994. He is a graduate in Food Engineering from the University of Ferdowsi, Iran and has been involved in regional/national projects throughout his career. His primary research interests were in the area of Dairy Technology and Soy processing, but he developed his expertise in the field of Membrane Processing and Engineering Properties of Foods, with special emphasis on Mathematical Modeling of Food Processes by Artificial Neural Network (ANN) approach. His other research interests also include: Energy Management and Unit operations of Food Processes. He has presented more than 30 papers in the scientific journals and national/international conferences. Dr. Razavi is responsible for teaching Biophysical Properties of Foods and Advanced Food Process Engineering. He is coordinator of the Food Engineering Group. 


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