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We are ready for free introducing of your company abilities or having cooperation on the field of food packaging
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   About Us


The Iranian Clinic of Food Packaging (ICFP) is a teaching , research and service unit with in the department of Food Science and Technology , university of Ferdowsi ( Mashad ) , it was founded in early 2004 by Dr. Nasser Sedaghat to meet increasing demands for type of packaging research support to the industry , community and university, it also provides consultation related to the packaging research design and determination shelf life foods. The clinic works closely with some international research centers and a lot of specialists have cooperation with us in Iran and around the world. We can help with our good specialists and analytical tools to meet your specific project goals on food packaging. The ICFP has successfully conducted a variety of projects for many private research corporation and food companies . The ICFP also serves as a training and information site for graduate, undergraduate students, food companies and government organizations in the field of food packaging.

Services :

1- Packaging research, food interactions and enhancing food safety projects.

 2- Storage / Shelf life study.

 3- Pistachio nuts processing and packaging.

 4- Performance seminar, workshop and training in the field of food packaging.

 5- Consulting for determination the best packaging materials, machineries and systems for Iranian food industries.

 6- Search services for preparing and delivering articles and research projects results for graduate students, food companies etc.

 7- Introduce and cooperation with International Research Centers and International specialists for doing packaging research projects for Iranian Food Industries.

 8- Ready  to have delegation International research and produce company in the field of food packaging in Iran and prepare  a good cooperation between these companies and Iranian Food Industries.

If you have any questions about the ICFP activities or would you like to use our services, or help us about one of the above goals , please contact with us.

Contact us :

Telfax: : +98(0511)8788110

Email: or



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